The Aviation Value Chain

Management capabilities must be built within each part of the chain and between the respective parts to minimize risks and optimize performance. Sustainable performance co-relates with understanding and optimising performance across the entire value chain Advisory Services are available to accelerate this development and this should be a priority as a high value item. New Zealand has extensive capability to leverage in these areas, and understanding the overall architecture of the processes involved is a crucial phase To be most efficient requires getting the big decisions right, and building organisational capability which is world class.

Our approach

EAC’s team have knowledge and experience of the whole industry from Government policy, regulatory control, infrastructure/airports, aircraft assets, airlines , and service suppliers Our approach is always top down identifying the big value drivers, rather than distractions from small value operational issues. We advocate an incremental approach to determining the optimal way forward. Top performing aviation industry sectors have two common attributes;
  • Understanding of market conditions and have strategies/plans to adapt to changes in conditions (EXTERNAL FOCUS)
  • Management capabilities to take the required actions and maintain competitiveness (INTERNAL FOCUS)