Safety & Security: Services

Crowd Safety Management

Including stewarding, circulation areas and flow plans, emergency evacuation planning & capabilities, rates of passage design and planning

Cyber Security

Including data management & storage, passwords and access control

Security Consulting

Including threat & risk assessment, specialist anti-terrorist measures, safety and security auditing and developing corporate security programmes and practices

Police Consulting

As well as operating practices and transformation advice, we also offer a special investigation service addressing areas such as fraud, bribery and anti-corruption

Safe City Development

The delivery of an integrated command, control, communications and intelligence platform with crisis management and critical incident management capabilities

Security Engineering

Including security in design, fire safety engineering, CCTV design and procurement advice & project management


Building Capability in Organisational Learning – ensuring that ‘lessons learned’ become lessons applied

Transport Safety

Including rule books and practices, safety management systems, safety in design and construction, regulatory specification and compliance and risk analysis/RAMS

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