Safety & Security: Training

We offer an extensive range of established and bespoke training courses and programmes. These include:

Established programmes

These are training courses, long-established and operating on fixed timetables usually in the United Kingdom. However, our team will also tailor these to your precise requirements and deliver the courses within the Kingdom if required.

  • Security Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (TRVA) Course
  • Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP)
  • Security Surveying, Assessment & Projects Course
  • CCTV Field of View Assessment Course

Bespoke programmes

Our team also offers a broad range of training programmes specifically to be developed to meet your precise requirements.  These include:

  • Threat & Security Awareness Training – General Employees
  • Travel Safety Training
  • Terrorism Incident Training
  • Road Safety Management
  • Safe City Programmes
  • Sports Stadia and Entertainment Venue Accreditation
  • Facial Recognition Systems at Major Events
  • Managing Disaster and Civil Emergencies
  • Crowd Management

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