Strategy Consulting: Services

We provide a wide range of management consulting services to the private sector and to those who provide public services including Government Ministries, Government Agencies, Municipalities and to Professional and trade bodies. Our services include:

Efficiency Analysis

Efficiency analysis, benchmarking and Peer Reviews

Financial Analytical

Development of strategic and financial analytical tools and models

Prototype Development

Collation of “big systems” requirements, development of prototype / interim solutions

Knowledge Sharing

Designing and Facilitating Knowledge Sharing Events

Business Plans

Production and evaluation of business plans and business cases

Investment Appraisal & Management

Review and management of investment initiatives, development and design of public & private sector investment appraisal criteria

Organisational Design

Designing start up organisations and restructuring existing organisations to cope with changing circumstances

Management Information

Management information report design / development and bespoke data collection systems

Management Frameworks

Performance management frameworks

Management Training

Development and delivery of both technical and general management training programmes

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