Strategy Consulting: Training

Within the strategic field we offer an extensive series of training courses, many well suited to help Saudi Government Agencies respond to the strategic changes currently occurring in the Kingdom and the impact this has on their staff. Examples include:

Performance Management

Performance Management including what is meant by performance management & monitoring, Corporate Governance and Regulation, Corporate Leadership and how to set expectations and measure achievement

Strategic Application

The Strategic Application of Business Planning including setting sensible project targets and deadlines, evaluating performance and general success, understanding procurement issues and enabling tools and methods

Efficiencies and Value for Money

Achieving efficiencies and value for money in planning and implementation including project development finance, case studies on how value for money and efficiency is being delivered in a range of organisations and how the most successful organisations have embedded value for money in their organisations and delivered staff commitment

Risk Management

All You Want to Know about Risk Management including the definition of risk, the context of Risk Management, the process of risk, the stages of Risk Management and assessing and reviewing Risk Analysis and Risk Management Procedures

Municipality Finance

Municipality Finance covering revenue and capital finance and what are the financial opportunities for Municipalities

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