Maritime & Ports

We have considerable expertise in providing optimum and sustainable port solutions for major infrastructure projects and operational improvements. We have successfully completed a wide range of commissions in the port and shipping world including:
Provided due diligence assessment for international bank on the potential for containerisation and transportation for new production plant with output of 1.2 m tonnes bulk product per annum. Developed both inland terminal and onward delivery plans to handle product in either bulk or containers
Provided operational expertise for the long term development of the port of Tripoli, with special emphasis on institutional aspects and the broadening of cargo handling capabilities including specialist bulk and container operations
Assessed layout of existing Aqaba container/RoRo terminal and made recommendations for improvement to minimise delays in container operations. Provided advice on siting and construction of proposed new bulk sugar discharging facility. Reviewed plant and equipment.
Contracted to provide the technical and operational management expertise for the Comprehensive Port Improvement Plan commissioned by the Port of New York and New Jersey, calling for the expansion of the various private container terminals within the Port
Early involvement by our team can focus practical assessment on any port related development or change process. By conducting site visits and reviewing existing information whether for complex projects such as new port or terminal development or for changed management initiatives to deliver service enhancement and best use of people and assets. We offer a wide range of capabilities to ascertain the extent of any investigation required, and plan it appropriately and cost effectively. These desk top studies are designed to assist Clients avoid the risk of unforeseen conditions which might cause increased costs and/or programme delays.
We can support port operators by placing on an interim basis port executives expert in their field and possessing specialist skills and a track record of achievement. This offers port and marine logistic operators a solution to quickly fill senior positions until longer term solutions can be found or to take on specific short term strategic roles or assist in problem solving.
Port planning is a specialist area often requiring several consultants to work in association to address a range of inter-connected disciplines related to capital investment projects. This may include marine analysis, capacity calculations and layout design including berth planning, operation analysis and plans for vessel working and landside operations including connectivity and intermodal aspects to build cost models that then inform the financial evaluation exercise to justify the investment or not. The master planning exercise can also be extended to include the wider development within a regional and or national context and include issues such as:
  • Sustainability
  • Economic Clustering
  • Logistic zones
  • Inclusive Special Economic Zone
  • Strategies to facilitate trade, tourism, public private partnerships, industrial & economic development on a national or regional level.
  • Regulatory Structure.
  • Options for phased development and management structures
  • Inclusive Special Economic Zone
A range of specific stand-alone services can be offered including:
  • Traffic Forecasting
  • Site Identification and selection
  • Port Investment & Finance Advice
  • Port Institutional & Organisational Structure
  • Port Administration
  • Port Roles & Functions
  • Management Structures
  • HR & Port Team Development Programs
  • Berths & Terminals
  • LNG Berths and operational systems.
  • Container terminals
  • Dry Bulk Terminals
  • General Cargo Operations
  • Cargo Management & Cargo Handling
  • Capacity Planning and Management
  • Economic Evaluations of Investments
  • Port Pricing Strategies and Commercial Appraisal
  • Port Operations efficiency reviews including Marine, Quay, Yard, & Gate.
  • Port Performance & Benchmarking
  • Port Engineering, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical
  • Port Labour
  • Health & Safety
  • Maritime Services
We offer a wide range of services in this sector. This includes everything from specialist and hazardous cargo handling through to equipment procurement. Floating trans-shipper systems including transfer arrangements are also included in this specialism
Sea and Dry Ports are a critical component in the transport supply chain often described as logistics. Green logistics are recognised as the most environmentally friendly way of transporting goods. We assist in the development of greener logistics by:
  • Evaluating Supply Chain Options
  • Restructuring Supply Chain Networks to the most environmentally friendly outcome
  • Reducing Environmental Impact of Ports and their Operations
  • Advocating greater use of Short Sea Shipping
  • Developing Rail and Inland Waterway to achieve optimum Inter-Modality at Ports
  • Optimising Port Operations
  • Developing Energy Efficient Port Facilities
Port yards and transit storage facilities play a major role in the transport supply chain. They provide buffer storage to support efficient ship working as well as holding stock as close to its point of demand as possible. As a result Sea Ports have to understand the various options that support liquid bulks, dry bulks, general and unitised cargo, as well as container storage. We can assist with:
  • Transit Facility Layout
  • Berth Connectivity
  • Port Cargo Flows
  • Improving Quality and Accuracy of Stock Administration
  • Stock Management
  • Commodity Management
  • Value Added Services
  • Performance Management
  • Despatch
Sea Ports play a key role in in global logistics and supply chains and potentially each can influence the pattern of freight distribution and adjust to meet the growing volumes now being driven by globalisation. We can assist with a range of advisory services including:
  • Advantage of Inter-Modal Connections
  • Combined Transport Solutions
  • Port Centric Solutions
  • Hinterland Logistics Strategy
  • International Route Development
  • Configuration of Shipping Services
  • Shipping Network Development
  • Logistic Strategy for Sea Ports
  • Logistic Hub Development
  • Dry Port Enhancement