Through our global network of around 60 specialist railway consultants and our partnership arrangements with international specialist firms, we are able to offer a pool of expertise highly experienced in most technical and management disciplines. Our team includes:
  • Senior managers from Australasia, Europe and North America
  • Specialist infrastructure and mechanical engineers
  • General and specialised transport project managers
The National Transformation Programme aims to introduce more private capital and expertise into the transport business. The potential creation of private monopolies and the inherent conflict between competitors and between investors and government policy will create the need for a modern transport regulatory regime. In some sectors existing safety based regulatory institutions will not be able to meet these new challenges. We are ideally placed to support national authorities create the new institutions as well as advise current or potential licence holders on regulatory matters. For example we can:
  • Guide Saudi Arabian applicants through the licensing and safety certification process
  • Act on behalf of licence holders in disputes with the regulatory authorities
  • Create a new regulatory framework suitable for the client’s regime and requirements
  • Provide strategic advice on establishing transport industry structures
  • Provide expert advice on any legal changes which may be required to accommodate the regulatory framework
  • Help draft primary and secondary legislation
  • Establish key regulatory policies and procedures
  • Provide expert advice on the best value regulatory organisation to implement the desired programme
Railway operations is a field sometimes undervalued in the Gulf region with its distinct focus upon engineering expertise. We specialise in this field offering expertise in most key areas including:
  • Driver and ground staff training
  • Timetabling and capacity management
  • Train control staff training and system optimisation
  • Advising on train management systems procurement
  • Train performance management
  • Asset resource plans
  • Acting on behalf of customers in technical dispute with rail service providers
Continuous improvement is an objective shared by all successful businesses. We can support this by carrying out efficiency “health checks” or finding solutions to current business problems. Our efficiency reviews can include:
  • Process and financial benchmarking against international comparators
  • Development of k.p.i. and general performance monitoring regimes
  • Contracting and procurement analysis
  • Asset utilisation
  • Asset management and maintenance policies
  • Working practices review
  • Staffing productivity
  • Supply chain process & inventory management
The Gulf railway network is well underway. For the first time industrial and retail business are able to choose rail as a viable option for other than specific or local movements. Yet it can seem quite a daunting possibility at first. We are well placed to support clients in making both big and small decisions and estimate the value of using rail to your business.
Our support services include:
  • Independent financial and service quality evaluation of using rail within your transport network
  • Advice on starting your own operation, using an existing railway company or something in between
  • Investment and business plan evaluation of all options
  • List of equipment required and procurement advice/management
  • Estimating requirements, planning terminals and connections to the main line network
  • Choice of suppliers, advice on commercial contract framework
  • Secondment of staff to act as your short term rail advisor, commercial negotiator and rail distribution manager

At its beginning Effect Railway Services specialised in safety management from regulatory and practical perspectives.

We have maintained this tradition and can offer support in most major areas including:

  • Safety regulations
  • Safety governance
  • Safety Management Systems, preparation, development & high level review
  • Hazard identification, risk assessment & mitigation
  • Major and routine accident investigation & specification
  • Systems & compliance audit and inspection
  • Trouble shooting and analysis of problem areas
  • Safety regulation and accreditation requirements
  • Line-side signal to train driver interface (signal sighting and siting)
  • Safety in design & construction
  • Safety assurance
  • Workplace audits
  • Workplace training and assessment
  • Hazard Log development implementation and monitoring
  • Quantified Risk Assessments using fault tree and event tree software
  • ALARP assessments
  • Cost Benefit Analyses
Our expertise can support clients in two main areas; rolling stock and infrastructure management. For rolling stock our network includes expertise varying from basic depot and plant management through to cutting edge vehicle design engineering. Rolling stock support includes:
  • Vehicle procurement advice and project management of delivery
  • Vehicle modification, testing and conversion
  • Asset condition inspections and analysis
  • Introduction of new depot plant
  • Efficiency, sustainability and safety audits of maintenance regimes
  • Choice of suppliers, advice on commercial contract framework
  • Secondment of staff to act as your short term rail advisor, commercial negotiator and rail distribution manager

Abnormally high wheel wear rates impact all heavy rail operators in the Kingdom. Our team has encountered this in both its regulatory and technical work

In the infrastructure field we offer senior engineers mainly from Canada and the United Kingdom allowing good coverage of all types of operation found in the Gulf region ranging from heavy haul freight systems to modern automated light rail and metros. Support includes:
  • Programme and project management of construction and enhancement schemes
  • Specialist technical troubleshooting on problems such as turnout management
  • Asset condition inspections and analysis
  • Designing and advising on new connections to the network
  • Efficiency, sustainability and safety audits of maintenance regimes
  • Introduction and management of yellow plant