Our aviation partner is a highly respected company based in New Zealand and supporting clients all over the world. It is made up of experienced aviation industry executives providing assistance to governments, airlines, airports, manufacturers, and investors. The company advises primarily on the airline and airport industries across the range of governance and performance. Our consultants all have 30-45 years experience.


  • Establishing country aviation strategies which provide competitive and efficient systems of aviation
  • Transforming airline business models government-owned, privatised, mergers, centralisation, decentralisation, stand-alone business units, internal LCC start-ups
  • Transitioning to new value propositions: Shorthaul (Price), Longhaul (Product)
  • Adapting strategy and value proposition for LCC airlines and major airline alliance groupings
  • Aircraft fleet selection and thru life asset management (major value driver), and fleet renewal
  • Developing network strategy & organisational analysis capability .Improving operational efficiency & reducing costs
  • Developing people capability and transferring knowledge