ATMs, Telecoms and Cell towers-min

Studying the Regulation and Monitoring of the Banks Headquarters, ATMs, Telecoms and Cell Towers

All retail banks and telecommunications companies require licences to operate branches, ATM and mobile phone masts. Through a detailed process of surveying and analysis our team is improving our Client’s licensing & revenue collection  system. To date this has resulted in additional revenue of SAR 50m

  • Conducting field and office inventories and cadastral surveys. Evaluating the condition of assets and property
  • Improving the integrated digital system to automate monitoring, checking processes and licensing
  • Analysing efficiency, effectiveness and compliance with all commercial contracts
  • Proposing new regulations where appropriate
  • Identifying new sites suitable for offering to market, managing sale and licensing process
  • Supporting decision making by transferring the main data into common tools for analysing data and producing reports

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